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Feel confident knowing you’ve partnered with the premier solar contractor. Our goal is to help you love solar more than vegans love talking about veganism.

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Our Installation Process

We believe simple wins every time. Because we operate on that mantra, we’ve perfected the process of solar—which means fast installs and more energy savings.

Site Survey & Design

Before anything goes on your roof, we send out an engineer to inspect your home. If everything checks out, it's off to the races.

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& Paperwork

Breathe easy while we delve deep into the dark world of government bureacracy for you. Every piece of paper is handled. We told you this would be simple and easy.

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& Electrical

Our NABCEP-certified experts will be finished installing within the day in 90% of cases. Your system will look great, and your friends and neighbors will be saying “wow” more than Post Malone.

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A city inspector will come out to, well, inspect your solar panel system. When everything passes it’s time to POWER UP your home with solar energy.

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Our most asked questions

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