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No adders

We are the only solar EPC who doesn't charge adders, which means you are able to offer the best prices to your customers.

Your customer need a service upgrade? No adder. Metal roof? No adder. Need an attic run? No adder. Sensing a pattern here?

we invest in technology for you

We've invested in a custom-built software to help you offer a premium experience to your customers.

You get to use it all for free.

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We offer in-house tools created and owned by 1Solar so it's no additional cost to you. If you're paying for another proposal tool that costs you a monthly fee, you're getting ripped off. We believe technology like this should be part of an EPC's offering.

Sales Support

Our team builds proposals in 3 minutes flat.

“A lot of sales reps don’t realize how awesome this is. 1Solar’s sales support is fantastic. There’s always someone there to help. Someone always picks up and gets you the answers you need. I've been with several other EPCs, and nobody has been quicker at taking my phone calls and responding than 1Solar.”

#1 Las Vegas Dealership

Oh, and did we mention no adders?



Our timelines are ahead of industry averages, which means your customers save more money, faster.


Competitive offering

We provide the most competitive offering so you can pass the saving onto the homeowner.


Predictable payout

We pay weekly and allow your full visibility into all of your accounts.


Dealer support

Our average phone calls are answered in 7 seconds and proposal turn around time is right around 3 minutes.

this is a joke. or so you would think.

Signs you picked the wrong EPC

Their Google-wannabe office has a full gym but they can't seem to pay you on time.

"You haven't been paid in a month? Oh, uh, gee, we'll get right on that...right after this quick game of lightning."

They leased plants in their office instead of improving their business model.

"These plants are the key to our culture of spending money on pointless things."

They hired a full-time masseuse instead of a CFO.

"We're hemorrhaging money, so why not hire a masseuse to help manage the soul-crushing stress?"


What Our Partners Say

Greg Sutton

Dealer owner, utah

"It's never a fight to get paid with them, and when I call I actually get someone who can fix my problem. They're in this for the long haul, which provides me a tremendous amount of security."

Trevor Lewis

dealer owner, nevada

"I could've gone with any company I wanted, but I picked 1Solar because they offer the best experience for my customers. No one even comes close. I'm excited about what I can build with 1Solar."

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Lucas Sanchez

dealer owner, COLORADO

"You guys do work at a level no one else can match. I'm going to move all my work over to you guys. It just makes sense. Why wouldn't I provide the best experience?"

our ceo reviews every application

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