Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get installed?

Plan for your solar project to take 90-120 days, however it may not take that long! Waiting on engineers, permit approvals and utility companies are commonly the longest and most frustrating part of the process. We ask for patience with us, there may be a few weeks with little communication. We are working behind the scenes to keep your project moving forward.

Do I have to tell you I live in an HOA community?

Yes we need to know the HOA community name and contact information. We will notify them on your behalf of the pending solar project to get project approval. However some HOA's will require the homeowner to make the request. In this case, we will facilitate as much as possible to get the needed approval.

Will solar work when there is a power outage in my area?

No, the solar is designed to shut off if there is an area power outage. If you have a backup generator or battery power may switch over depending on your equipment type. Battery Backup and Generators are add-on items that are NOT included in most solar installations.

What is the warranty?

Refer to the purchase and installation agreement. Warranty is to the original purchaser as indicated on the purchase and installation agreement.

My permit has been approved. What is the next step?

Installation will be scheduled. Our scheduling department will contact you with dates and details. Timelines can vary by area, but with that being said 1-3 weeks are typical.

My solar has been installed. What is the next step?

Following the installation a final inspection(s) with the local jurisdiction(s) building official will be necessary.

The city inspection did not pass. What is the next step?

Solar installation is a construction project. Sometimes alterations are made onsite which require revisions to be submitted and approved with the local jurisdiction. The timeline for revision approval will vary by jurisdiction ranging from a few days to several weeks. Once we have revision approval another inspection will be scheduled.

When do I get my net meter?

We send the passed inspection to the local utility to notify them you are ready for the new net meter to be set. Processes will vary by area and utility. Usually an electronic signature or DocuSign request is sent to you from the utility authorizing the net meter set. Once signed the net meter request will go into the utility queue for review and scheduling. Timelines for meter set will vary by utility 15 to 30 business days are typical.

How and when do I get monitoring?

Monitoring is the final step in the process after he utility has given you permission to operate(PTO). You will receive a registration email to access the monitoring platform.

My monitoring shows a production concern. Do I need a service call?

Please contact customer service at 801-683-8168 to discuss the situation.

Why doesn't production match on my monitoring platform and my utility bill?

Whatever power you don't consume in your home from solar will go back to the grid and your home uses the energy produced first then send the excess to the utility resulting in the lower number reflected on the utility bill. The monitoring app will show the actual production. Note: This formula is used to calculate your total energy usage Energy delivered to you from Utility + Solar Energy Generation (Monitoring App) - Energy Returned to the Utility grid = Total Usage. See the video below for an in-depth explanation on how to read your power bill with solar.

Why do I have a utility bill?

Reasons can vary, here are some common reasons: Utility companies will have a basic service charge due monthly. Your solar credits may have been exhausted. Or your energy consumption may have increased. See the video below for an explanation on how solar works.

How do I get the tax incentive credit?

Refer to your installation and purchase agreement for the total system cost. In 2022 The federal solar tax credit, allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. Consult a tax professional for claim information for your individual tax liability situation.

What is a Critter Guard and what's the point of a Critter Guard?

Critter guard is an optional item to deter birds and squirrels from getting under the solar panels. A cost is associated with this item, a quote can be provided upon request. 1Solar is not responsible for maintaining or repairing this barrier if it is disrupted by animals, wind, snow, etc. This item can be installed post install by an independent pest control service.

My salesman offered an incentive or additional items in addition to solar when sold.  How do I get the additional items?

1Solar is responsible for the permitting, installation and service maintenance for the solar system. Any additional items discussed at the time of purchase with the sales representative will be the responsibility of the salesman for fulfillment ie; led lights, smart thermostat, cash incentives, etc.

I am selling my home, how do I transfer ownership?

1Solar warrants to the original purchaser (property owner at time of project completion as evidenced on purchase and installation agreement). Warranties do not transfer. The new homeowner can contact 1Solar to provide us with contact information. 1Solar will facilitate monitoring access to the new homeowner when possible. 1Solar can provide service calls as needed, service call fees will apply.

I need a new roof, What is the cost for a system removal and replacement?

A cost is associated with this service, contact 1Solar for a quote, current pricing in 2022 is $200/per panels - truck roll fees. Payment is required to schedule a removal date, plan for 2-3 weeks after payment for the removal schedule date.