What happens if my panels get shaded?

If a panel is completely shaded then that panel will not produce energy. If it is partially shaded the production will be lower but the bipass diodes will enable it to still produce and function. Please see our video on Youtube.

What kind of solar panels do you install?

We install Hyundi 285W, monocystaline, triple black modules. The reason we use Hyundi panels is because they are high quility, cost effective, and offer a reliable warranty. Many domestic companies have gone out of business and their panel warranties are now void. Hyundi has been around for 70 years and we are fully confident they will be around for your 25 year warranty.

What are my options to pay for solar?

We have several great financing options, including no money down and no payments for 12-18 months.

How much does solar cost?

We look at your power usage and other factors to come up with the most cost effective way to offset your bill.

What are the current tax incentives for getting solar?

Right now there is a 30% federal tax credit and a $2,000 state tax credit. For more information on solar tax credits please use this link. www.dsireusa.org

Do I need to clean my solar panels?

Dirty solar panels can cause a slight drop in production so cleaning them is a good practice. However the drop in production is minimal so if you don't want to get on your roof it's not a big issue.

What if I move?

You can sell the house with the solar included or we can move your system to your new house.

How does net metering work?

Whatever power you don't consume in your home from solar will be sent back to the grid and you will receive credits from your utiltiy company. Credit rates vary depending on your utility provider.

What happens if the power goes out?

If the power goes out then your grid tied system will go out too. All solar inverters are required not to feed the grid during power outages for the saftey of maintence workers. We offer our customers affordable solutions (such as backup generators) so their house can remain powered during outages.

How much will I save by switiching to solar?

It depends on the amount of energy the solar system offsets. Offsets can range from 20% to over 100%.

How does my system production reflect on my power bill?

Roughly 2/3rds of your solar production is used in your home and kept behind the meter. As a result of this your utility company will not have a full record of your solar production. What you see on your bill is what has been produced by your system and not used in your home usage.

Can I go off grid?

There are two options. You can have a battery backup or a backup generator. We feel,that at the moment, back up generators are much more cost effective than batteries.

How do you water proof the pentrations in my roof?

We install on all types of roofs and are experts at water sealing your roof top.

Will my panels work in bad weather?

In bad weather conditions you will likely notice a drop in production. When sizing your system we account for low production months for your yearly average. You will build enough credits during the Fall, Spring, and Summer to offset some of the rough winter months we experience in the Rocky Mountains.

What if there's an issue with my system?

With our Enlighten monitoring system it is very easy for us to diagnois system issues and send a tech out to resolve the problem. Any issues related to the installation or production are covered under your warranty.

Will my roof be able to handle the added weight?

YES! Before we install we send out an inspector to look at your truss work and from there we have it structurally engineered to make sure your roof can handle the weight.

Can I add more panels later?

Yes you will have the option of adding more panels to an exsisting system.

What if I need a new roof?

If it's prior to installation we can give you a bid for a new roof and include the cost in your financing. This cost can be coupled with your solar system cost for the 30% federal tax credit. If you need a new roof anytime after installation we will remove and reinstall the panels.

What warranties are included on my solar system?

A typical solar panel warranty is 5-10 years for product and 25 years for performance

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