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The Best Music App for Humans!

Join, Listen, Create and Stream. Music App is the most colourful streaming app for millennials.
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Discover and Download Music

Music App is an all-in-one music player. In its "Discover" module, you can see the latest and hottest songs and music playlist. You can play them and even download them to your mobile phone for playback offline. And more over, you're able to search music by artist, genre, name of songs as well.

Backup/Rebuild iTunes Library

Whenever you buy a new computer or you have lost your original iTunes Library, you always need to transfer iTunes Library to the new computer or restore iTunes Library with songs from iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, or even external hard drives, right?

Powerful Toolbox

Music App Toolbox contains almost all the tools you need to manage music on your iTunes Library, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones.
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Learn everything about each feature in our crazy cool TV Ad which we also uploaded on Youtube and made it available for all of you. Watch it and comment it!

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