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Are utility companies fighting against solar, or struggling to shift to clean energy?

Early this morning, published an interesting analysis on their e360 site of the ongoing battle between utility companies and the renewable energy industry.

In this article, Jacques Leslie explains that not all utility companies oppose solar, they have simply found it cheaper to combat solar than adapt to the changing business model of utilities. As solar growth spikes throughout the nation, utility companies are struggling to keep up, they do not want to use the capital to change their entire business model to focus on distributed generation (rooftop solar) versus the existing model of large-scale factories.

The article explains that rooftop solar creates a huge technological challenge for utilities, but they have no incentive to meet it because they aren’t allowed to keep profits from homeowners with solar.

“Both utilities and their regulators have been slow to recognize the tidal wave coming at them.” Jaques says, touching on the fact that utilities have had the opportunity to react, but have failed to, and now find themselves scrambling.

Read the full article here:

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