Electric Vehicle Chargers

There are tons of EV chargers out there and we can help you make the decision on which one you need for your EV as well as install it for a fair price so you can power your EV from home.

Electric Vehicle Chargers
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About the service

Our licensed electricians will walk you through what is needed to install an EV charger in your home.

  • We've installed hundreds of EV chargers of all different brands.
  • We will walk you through where the charger should go and what would make sense for your EV.
  • We will go over what new wiring is needed or if the existing wiring is up to code for your new EV charger.
  • We will consult you about needing a possible service panel upgrade if you don't have a service panel with enough throughput to power an EV charger (usually only applicable in older homes).

What’s part of the service

EV charger installation can be complicated which is why our licensed electricians will make it easy for you.

  1. Our pricing will include the necessary permitting as well as materials for running new wires (if needed).
  2. We will take care of the necessary paperwork to make sure your EV charger installation is up to code.
  3. Our pricing also includes the EV charger of your choice from whichever brand you prefer or your EV needs.
  4. Future EV charger servicing is included with our EV charger installation service.

Why having a licensed electrician install your EV charger is important.

EV chargers typically aren't powered off of a normal outlet in your garage that you can plug other household items into. Most require heavier gauge wiring ran from your service panel to the EV charger so that it has enough throughput to supply your EV with power.

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