Solar Battery Installation

We are a licensed solar battery installer for any home backup battery that fits your home's needs. We're also WattSmart partners for customers who want to take advantage of the WattSmart battery rebate.

Solar Battery Installation
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Why do you need a battery backup?

If you have solar, then a battery is a perfect partner for your solar system.

  • Power you produce from your solar will go directly into the battery first, then to your home.
  • Your home will pull power from your battery that you've created so you're not going to the utility company for power (unless it's drained).
  • The Span smart panel we install with your battery will show you all your circuits and give you control over your entire home.
  • Your home will be less reliant on your utility provider and their net metering credits.
  • If you're a Rocky Mountain Power customer then Rocky Mountain Power will pay you to install a WattSmart approved battery on your home.

What’s part of the service

We will come out and help you assess your home's battery backup needs so that you have the exact amount of power that you need in case of an emergency. If you live in Utah and are a Rocky Mountain Power customer, then we will make sure to get you approved for WattSmart programso you can get your solar battery rebate.

  1. Licensed electrician will install your battery and connect it to your home.
  2. We will install a new smart home panel instead of an old-fashioned critical loads panel.
  3. We will check to make sure power is going to the circuits you need backed up.
  4. We will make sure your battery will work with Rocky Mountain Power's WattSmart program (if located in Utah).
  5. Enjoy utilizing all of your power from your panels!.

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