Solar System Installation

We are a full service solar electric contractor that will do all the heavy lifting for you from design of your system, to permitting to installation and then handing it over to the local utility company to inspect the system and turn it on for you.

Solar System Installation
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Why you need to go solar

Solar is the future of residential power. With solar you can create your own power to power your home from your roof. It allows for less dependency on the utility company that keeps raising their rates year over year.

  • Lock down a consistent power rate for 25 years
  • Power your own home from solar panels on your roof
  • Don't let rising power rates effect you.

What’s part of the service

We include everything that you need for solar

  1. Permitting from our permitting department
  2. Engineering your system up to code
  3. Full-service installation by our licensed installers
  4. Monitoring access

Why going with a full-service installer is important

Solar installation is a construction project so everything that comes along with a construction project is shared with a solar installation project. All the headaches, permits, codes, best practices and everything else we will take care of for you so you can start owning your power.

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