Remove and Replace Panels

When you're getting a new roof, your solar system has to come off. We're your go-to company for safely and efficiently removing your panels and putting them back on and making sure your system is in good working order with your brand new roof.

Remove and Replace Panels
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About the service

You invested in your solar system so go with the pros that will treat it like an investment. We will take it off and re-install your system onto your new roof with care so that it will produce power like it did with your old roof.

  • Our expert solar rooftop installers will come and take off your panels, racking equipment and electrical equipment
  • We will make sure your system is completely taken down so the roofing company can come in and do their job.
  • Your system will be stored at your house until we can come back and re-install it.
  • We will install it like we would install a new system with your current equipment and run diagnostics to make sure it's powered on and producing.

What’s part of the service

Our remove and replace service is a bumper-to-bumper service for homeowners, roofers, and insurance companies.

  1. We will take off the old system and leave it at the homeowner's house so components don't get lost.
  2. We will replace the equipment that can't be used again (mainly racking, standoffs, and bolts)
  3. We will power the system back on and test it to make sure it's producing.

Why going with an experienced company for a remove and replace job is important.

Removing and replacing a system can be tricky especially if you're not used to all the moving pieces. That's why going with 1Solar for your remove and replace jobs is important because we know exactly how to get your system back on your new roof producing power flawlessly.

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